Advocate for Long Island's water

Work with like-minded groups and individuals

Prepare educational materials  

Present educational programs  

Speak at forums and hearings

Develop legislative proposals

Advocate for sound groundwater policies and water practices for Long Island

Build coalitions to protect and manage Long Island's water resources 

Promote science-based knowledge of groundwater

Offer presentations on issues that affect groundwater on Long Island and explain the groundwater system

        Who is Water for Long Island?  The following organizations & individuals: 

   Our Mission

    Water for Long Island's mission is to work with Long Island's       governmental departments and officials, water utilities, civic and     environmental groups, businesses, good government organizations,  conservation and land groups, agriculture and land use interests,   and individuals concerned about the water and drinking water   conditions of Long Island  and to advance actions for effective     groundwater and water supply management.  

Important Information

Long Island's Sole Source Aquifer system, the source of the groundwater all Long Islanders rely on, is a public resource that must be preserved and managed for the public's welfare and benefit - - not exploited or impaired for private gain.  

Long Island's potable water is a limited resource.  Unlike other N.Y. State residents, Long Islanders do not have access to potable surface waters.  New York City's water supply is not an option for meeting Long Island's drinking water needs.  It is up to Long Islanders to take the needed actions to assure the long-term availability of the groundwater resources that provide 100% of the water needs of Long Island.  Water for Long Island is working to keep our groundwater and drinking water sustainable for decades to come.  

Our Work Includes: 

​​​Beach to Bay Civic Association, Center for Water Resources Management, Friends of the Bay, East Norwich Civic Assoc., L.I. Clean Air, Water and Soil, North Country Garden Club, North and Central Civic Association, Northside Civic Association, North Fork Environmental Council, North Shore Land Alliance, Open Space Council, Point Lookout Civic Association, Rocky Point Civic Association, South Shore Audubon Society, The Sierra Club, Long Island Group, Valkenburg LLC, and Ed Olmsted, Brenda Reiss, Paula Blum, Francine Furtado and Erin Molyneux  as individuals.   

Water for Long Island

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